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Custom Hook Baits

Our custom Cork Dust Hook Baits have been tried & tested over time to bring ultimate confidence in your presentations.

Built on a base mix of refined Milk Proteins, nutrient rich Nut Meals & select additives. Then taken a step further with the addition of fine Cork Dust & added Hardening Agents to not only produce a harder bait to help protect it from nusiance species & bird life attacks, but also prolonged buoyancy meaning which ever hook bait type you choose your critically balanced rigs will sit proud as you want for much longer than the standard 12-24hrs as we have come to expect from standard off the shelf baits.


Our hook baits are available as either Wafters or Pop-Ups & with our choice of customisable options it can really give the edge over other anglers on the lake & could be the difference between blanking or a red letter session!!!


These Hook Baits are custom made to your requirements. There is a lead time to have your baits made, usually 3 to 4 days before they are ready to post out, during busier times it may take longer. If you were looking to place an order for hook baits and wanted to know a more detailed time frame, please contact us first via email or our social media pages & we'll do our very best to give the most accurate time scale for you.

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