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Tipper Sticks

Tipper Sticks

CE Tipper Sticks,

The perfect Hook Bait alternative for anglers that face a ban of plastic/imitation baits on their waters!!


Based on our buoyant Pop Up Mix these are something so simple that can offer a multitude of uses all from one packet. These will suit anyone who likes to add a tipper to a bottom bait for a balanced snowman, cut a small single piece to act as a wafting hook bait within a solid bag or perhaps break off a piece a trim the edges to give it a slightly different shape to use for surface or zig fishing.


Like our current hook baits these can be made in any colour available in our range from something washed out & natural to something really vivid with our fluoro colours. Plus with the added hardening agents & cork dust they'll maintain their durability for much longer than a standard out of the pot bait. They too are made unflavoured allowing you if needs be to create a profile for them yourself, although when used purely as a visual element or buoyancy aid they'll fare just fine as they are.


Each pack will contain 6x 12mm Diameter Sticks & you can choose up to 3 colours (2 Sticks of each colour), meaning you can have your favourites all in one pack instead of having to buy lots of separate sets


All for just £2!


Please note;

Like our other custom baits these will be made to order, so there will be a general lead time of around 3-4 days to prepare & make them before they can be shipped out.

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