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Here at CE we're all about positivity.
We get to meet, speak & interact with many different people, companies & organisations as we progress.
Be it other brands offering different products to the
fishing industry, supporting anglers sharing their journeys or those simply doing things for a good cause & raising awareness.
Here are some of the names we are now proud to be affiliated with.
If you want to find more information about each of them then maybe visit their website or social media pages. 



Fish Of The Week
Sharing angler's captures from all over the world! 
Sponsored weekly competitions with great prizes! 
Special discounts with other brands when you subscribe to their website!

Website -
Facebook -
Instagram -


Emergency Carpers
Supporting anglers within the
emergency & armed forces!
Raising awareness for mental health & wellness!
Regular giveaways!
Multiple Discounts with other angling brands!
Selling merchandise raising money for charity!
Website - Emergency Carper
Facebook - emergency_carper
Instagram - @emergency_carper


The Squirrels Nuts
A great range of customisable essentials, from stickers, clothing, paracorded mugs & other bank ware items
(Including our CE Mugs)

Website - The Squirrels Nuts
Facebook - The Squirrels Nuts
Instagram - TheSquirrelsNuts

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