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Tungsten Gripping Chod System

Tungsten Gripping Chod System

A fantastic aid to those who love naked chod fishing when faced with unknown substrates & weed of varying depths & densities.


The main body/sleeve tightly gripping your mainline allowing you to set the distance betwen your rig & lead, thus it being allowed to fall through weed or sink into silt where your rig can then come to rest & be effectively presented. The two securing beads at either end not only keep everything in place but should you become snagged & snap off, unbder pressure they will eject freeing your rig & reducing the possibilty of teathering the Carp.


With all components being tungsten impregnated there is added weight to help balance against the high buoyancy of your Pop Ups.


The system comes in a silt colouration & includes 3 Sleeves & 6 Beads,

Supplied on a easy loading tool




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