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Speed Links

Speed Links

Speed Links,


As the name suggests these multi purpose links are designed with the element of quick changing items in your set up in mind. The small inturned section makes connnecting maybe a rig to your presentaion or possibly a lead to heli set up effortless. Because of their rounded shape they also fit nicely inside rubberised buffer sleeves for a neater finish.


They are available in 2 sizes, Small & Large.

And come supplied in packs of 10, 20 or 50


We recommend:

If using our speed links for the use of attaching a lead to your presentation i.e a Heli Set Up, we recommend using the smaller size for leads around 1-3oz for short to mid range casting distances & the large for all lead sizes when looking for mid to long range distances

    PriceFrom £0.85
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