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Safety Back Lead Clips

Safety Back Lead Clips

Fishing long distances, over gravel bars or uneven substrates? 

In a lot of these situations anglers will favour the additon of back leads.


Instead of having a bow string line going straight from your rod tip to your lead arrangement, a back lead lowered in from the bank will help pin more of your mainline down to the deck out of the way of wary Carp. Reducing the chances of not only spooking your spot but also false indications.


These simple clips & soft rubber sleeves effortlessly connect to both your back lead & mainline, with the added safety measure of being able to discharge the lead under steady pressure should you get snagged up on anything, reducing the risk of tethering


Supplied in packs of,

5 = 5x Clips, 5x Sleeves

10 = 10x Clips, 10x Sleeves

20 = 20x Clips, 20x Sleeves


    PriceFrom £0.65
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