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Ronnie/Spinner Swivels

Ronnie/Spinner Swivels

Ronnie or Spinner Swivels are probably one of the most sought after components for anglers tackle boxes in recent years!


The popularity of this rig has soared high above that of any other, due to its highly effective hooking potential and its simplicity in making them.

With the open crook on the swivel you are able to switch hooks, leaving out the reqiurement to tie a whole new hooklink/boom section


As well as offering these swivels with the conventional flexi ring, you also have the option to purchase them in a standard form giving you just the main body of the swivel ideal for those who like them in Solid Bags or creating what many anglers would call a 'Turbo German Rig'


Available in packs of 10, 20 or 50.

    PriceFrom £1.15
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