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Essential Ronnie Rig Kit

Essential Ronnie Rig Kit

Our Ronnie Kit gives you everything you need to assemble one of the most popular rigs of the generation but is fully customisable to your requirements.


The kit includes enough to make 10 rigs with,


- 10x Essential Hooks, choose from Curve, Crank, Wide Gape, Long Shank, Beaked Point, VX-Wide or VX+. In sizes, 4, 6 or 8 & in your chosen hook point, Micro Barbed (MB) or Barbless (BL)


- 10x Ronnie/Spinner Swivels 


Bait Attachment, either -

- 10x 8mm Bait Screws with Oval or Rig Rings,

- 10x 360 Plastic Bait Screws 

- Or, 10x Micro Hook ring Swivels


Hook Stops, you can choose from either our,

- Hooks Stops x20 in your chosen colour from the 4 colours available, Clear, Brown, Green or Black  

- Or, a 50cm length of our Blow Out Tubing in either Green, Brown or Black 


Hook Eye/Swivel Covering, your choice of either -

- 30cm of Shrink Tubing - In Black, Clear, Green or Brown


- 10x X Kickers in your preferred choice of colour from the 7 available - Black , Green, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Red & White


A truly versitile rig, easy to prepare in advance or when on the bank. This kit is ideal for those who utilise it within their fishing or maybe as a starter kit for someone new to angling looking to learn to tie their own.


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