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PVA Bag Long Tail Rubbers

PVA Bag Long Tail Rubbers

As the use of PVA Solid Bags now play a more prominant part in angler's arsenal, more & more products arriving to help make them more effeicent & easier to use/tie

Our PVA Bag Tail Rubbers are such a product. 


Whilst our PVA Stems are perfect for a quick change aspect & for use with small to medium sized bags & leads.

These tail rubbers are the ideal match for those who use larger leads & large/XL solid bags but also use them on leader set ups or even straight on your mainline.

When using straight on your mainline a little added bonus comes in the form of you being able to secure rig tubing into the end of the tail rubber meaning you can pin down those last few feet of mainline. 


Available in a dark green colour

Supplied in Packs of 5, 10 & 20 




    PriceFrom £0.75
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