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CE's PLUS+ Powders, a true added edge!!!!


Dozens of ingredients creating unique blends which add so much verstility to your baiting approach.


From simply dusting your loose feed, to Stick, Spod & Sloppy Zig mixes, Solid Bags to Curing/Culturing your Hook Baits!!!


We have formualted 2 main blends to cover your fishing needs, The NUT & The FISH. 


- The NUT,

Includes various nut based products, concentrating around Roasted Peanut & Tiger Nut Flours, Meals & Protiens with an added boost of Milk Enhancers, leaving you with a divine smell simlar to a rich nutty salted caramel.


- Where as The FISH,

Gives you a smell at the other end of the spectrum, with the inclusion of various powders such as, Krill, Shrimp, GLM, Calanus & other pungent pre-digested fishmeals. 


Both are then finished with a mix of CLO, Betaine, Fine Pink Salt, Crushed Seeds & other superfoods for an added level of clouding attraction & crunch, thats sure to not only lure the carp in but have them grubbing around for hours.


Supplied in 750g Bags

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