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Naked Chod System

Naked Chod System

The quick & effective way of creating a Naked Helicopter or Chod style set up


The low diameter bore of the tapered sleeve slides on easily & perfectly grips your mainline allowing you to set the point at which it sits, with the 6mm bead secured against it to control the distance your rig can travel up your line.


However, should you find your self snagged up or cut off during a take, a subtle pressure from your rig will pop the 6mm bead loose allowing the fish to free itself & not be tethered to the rest of the set up


To use, simply thread on the 6mm bead to your mainline first making sure the larger hole of the bead is facing toward the end of your line. Add your tapered sleeve, set it to where you need it to sit then push the sleeve & bead together 


In each pack you will receive,

1x Loading tool containing 16 tapered sleeves

16x 6mm Tapered Beads in your chosen colour, either Trans Green, Trans Brown or Silt/Weed Green


Need something with a little more weight?

Head over to our tungsten section where this great system is available with our high density tungsten 6mm beads

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