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Micro Swivels

Micro Swivels

Micro Swivels are one of the most commonly used terminal tackle items when it comes hook bait application. Its small 360 swivel allows for free movement of your hook bait giving you better hooking potential.


We offer these in two variations,

The more traditional Micro Hook Ring Swivels (with Flexi Ring) which as well as being thread onto hook links & D sections, the flexi ring allows you to place it directly onto the shank of the hook for rigs like the Ronnie or German Rig


And as a standard Micro Swivel (without Flexi Ring). Although it can't be thread directly onto the shank of your hook it does provide a very light weight bait attachment option for D Rigs & Chods which still gives you 360 degrees of movement 


Available in packs of 10, 20 or 50.

    PriceFrom £0.85
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