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Hybrid Lead Clips w. Tail Rubbers

Hybrid Lead Clips w. Tail Rubbers

Another fine addition to our tackle ranges,


Our Hybrid Lead Clips feature a fused inner section comprising of a metal loop at one end, ideal for tying to your mainline or splicing onto leader materials. Then your choice of either a Flexi Ring or QC Swivel at the other end for you prefered method of attaching your rigs. The benefits of using a hybrid lead clip over a conventional lead clip is mainly seen when fishing very snaggy conditions. As the hybrid clip is one single unit there is more emphasis on lead ejection if at such time you find yourself caught you in the snags. Where as using a more standard lead clip, theres a possibility that your swivel may become dislodged you then find yourself with a snagged running rig style set up tethering the Carp which is exceptionally dangerous & can be potentially fatal.


They come in a dull muted camo green colouration with matching tail rubbers, making them perfect for any lake bed.


Available in packs of -

5 - 5x Lead Clips & 5x Tail Rubbers

10 - 10x Leads Clips & 10x Tail Rubbers

20 - 20x Lead Clips & 20x Tail Rubbers


Choosing a pack of 10 or 20? If so we'd be happy to give you a mixture of both types of Lead Clips if you prefer making sure your ready for any situation! 

Simply choose a pack of 10 or 20 & choose the mixed option, we'll do the rest.


    PriceFrom £1.85
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