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Stiff Grip Hook Beads

Stiff Grip Hook Beads

We all know the importance of using a bead or stop on the shank of your hook when fishing rigs like the Ronnie & German to prevent your prefered bait attachment from falling off.


CE's Stiff Grip Beads come with a longer tapered cone shape, firmer plastic & thinner bore providing a much firmer & more secure fit to your hook reducing the chance of slipping or movement not only with various bait attachment or hook bait sizes but also those who are punching their rigs out at long distance 


Each loader inlcudes 10 beads

Currently only available in a Natural Brown colour


Supplied in packs of,

x20 (2 Loaders)

x40 (4 Loaders)

x100 (10 Loaders)

    PriceFrom £1.10
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