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Hook-able Bait Bands

Hook-able Bait Bands

We all love surface fishing.

At the right time of the year when that warmer summer weather kicks in, being able to locate, stalk & hook Carp off the surface is one of the most exhilarating methods of angling there is.

But depending on your prefered methods or hook bait choice, it can often be time consuming having to keep changing hook links, hooks or reattaching new hook baits meaning at the height of the action, some opportunites can be missed.


With the addition of our hook-able bait bands to your set up, you now have the ability to change & reattach your hook baits in rapid time. It can be easily thread onto your hook of choice by the section at the bottom of the band designed similarly to our hook beads making them also easy to remove & reuse. 

The band itself has a 10mm diameter, ideal for use with mixers of various sizes or maybe a trimmed down pop-up. But due it its robust, flexible & durable material it has a high amount of stretch, meaning its also perfect to be used with one of the most popular surface baits.......BREAD! 

Bread is one of the those baits thats great for a free lined method simply hooked on, but more often than not its only good for a single cast. But when placed inside the bait band it has the possibility to last for several casts thus leading to more opportunities.


The bands are supplied on easy to store applicators with 6 bands on each.


Supplied in packs of -

5 Applicators (30 Bands)

10 Applicators (60 Bands)

20 Applicators (120 Bands)


    PriceFrom £1.00
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