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Heli Tubing Kit

Heli Tubing Kit

The Helicopter set up is favoured by many anglers as it lends itself to most fishing situations, normally you would fish this naked straight on your mainline or with the aid of a leader. But over time the need or want to fish this great set up with the use of tubing has increased, bringing the benefits for not only presentation making sure as much of your end tackle arrangement is pinned down & out of sight for wary Carp, increased fish safety where tubing can help protect a Carp's flank during the fight but also still having the ability, should you get snagged up or get cut off, for the rig with a small amount of pressure release the C-Bead thus freeing itself from the setup & reducing the risk of tethering a Carp.

There have been several developments within the industry to do this & now with the addition of our new tubing sleeves we are happy to also be offering components to aid in this also.


Our Heli Tubing Kit Includes -

- 2 metres of either Anti Tangle Rig Tubing or Tungsten Rig Tubing

- 5x Heli Sleeves

- 5x Speed Links

- 5x Tubing Sleeves

- 10x C-Beads (No Trace Beads)

- 10x Swivels, your choice of Flexi Ring, Flexi QC, Heli/Chod, Big Eye Ring or Big Eye QC Swivels


Already fish a similar set up & have most of the components?

Well all the items are available individually as refills, giving you several more cost effective ways to make sure your ready for any situation.

    PriceFrom £3.75
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