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Heli/Rotary Sleeves & Beads

Heli/Rotary Sleeves & Beads

Heli/Rotary Sleeves & Beads are a must for those who favour a helicopter style setup in their fishing. The sleeve itself completely hides the quick link and swivel from your lead giving you a much neater presentation, the tapered bore buffer beads fit into place to either secure a rig in place when fished in the classic rotary style with great anti tangle properties or acts as a buffer/shock bead for those fishing choddy style both ways encouraging fish safety. 


Available in 2 colours -

Trans Green

Trans Brown


Available in packs of -

10 (10 Sleeves & 10 Beads)

20 (20 Sleeves & 20 Beads)

50 (50 Sleeves & 50 Beads).

    PriceFrom £1.75
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