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Elite Multi Rig Kit

Elite Multi Rig Kit

Sometimes less is more!!


The Multi-Rig, still highly favoured by many anglers. A versatile presentation suitable not just for Pop Ups but also balanced Wafter style hook baits too. It needs minimal components, simple to tie & it's super effective.


Our kit gives you everything you need to create a minimum of 10 rigs with,


- 10x Elite Choddy Hooks, in sizes 4 or 6, in your chosen hook point, Micro Barbed (MB) or Barbless (BL)


- 10x 8mm Bait Screws with Oval Ring


- 1x 20g Pack of LOCKDOWN Tungsten Putty


- 1x 20m Spool of our 25lb Semi Stiff Coated Braid, in your choice of Weedy Green or Gravel Brown.


With the inclusion of the putty & a full spool of hook link in this kit you are able to create more than 10 rigs, but once they're in your tackle box its a simple case of topping up on the other components.

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