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Elite Fully Loaded Zig Kit

Elite Fully Loaded Zig Kit

Zig Fishing is one of those aspects of angling that is either adored or hated.


Often neglected but not to be overlooked.


This Fully Loaded Kit gives you all the tools you'll need to create your perfect Zig set up. From the zig foams/aligners in your favourite combinations. To the Zig hook link, allowing you to tie your rigs at various lengths to account for all types of depths & the XL Anti Tangle sleeves perfect to help prevent against tangles with your lead arrangement on the cast


This kit includes -

1x 100m Spool of 12lb Zig/Floater Line


10x XL Anti Tangle Sleeves, in either Green or Brown 


10x Elite Zig Hooks, either in Micro Barbed or Barbless


2x Loader Tools


5x Pieces of Zig Foam 

Available in Black, Red, Orange, Yellow & White


10x Zig Aligners 

Available in Black, Red, Orange, Yellow & Clear


You can choose to have all in one colour or maybe go for a mix & match. If you do choose to mix your colours, please let us know of your colour choices. If you don't comment your prefered choice we will simply included a mix of all 5 colours available.

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