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PVA Mesh Refill

PVA Mesh Refill

PVA Micro Mesh Refills -


PVA Mesh is the classic way of quickly producing a small parcel of bait, be it a simple small bag of pellet to a conventional stick mix, to attach to your hook bait/rig and cast out to your chosen spot. A great way to prevent tangles on the cast & protect the hook point as the rig comes to settle on the lake bed.


We now provide a narrow, anti ladder mesh with a fast melt break down of around 30-60 seconds. A mesh that is great for all depths & greatly effective in the colder months. A highly Eco friendly material

leaving no residue. All manufactured right here in the UK.


Each refill contains 7 meters of mesh.

Available in 18mm, 25mm & 35mm

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