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Essential Chod & Stiff Hinge Rig Kit

Essential Chod & Stiff Hinge Rig Kit

Our Choddy Kit gives you everything you need to create this great pop up presentation that has stood the test of time. Giving you access to fish safely and effectively in pretty much any situation.


The kit inlcudes enought to make 10 rigs with,


- 10x Essential Choddy style hooks,

either Standard Chods , SP Chods or VX-Chods, in sizes 4, 6 or 8, in your chosen hook point, Micro Barbed (MB) or Barbless (BL) 

(VX-Chods only available in Micro Barbed)


Bait Attachment, your choice of either,

- 10x Bait Screws with Rig Rings

- 10x Micro Hook Ring Swivels

- 20x 3.1mm or 3.7mm Rig Rings


Swivel Type, your choice of either,

- 10x Flexi Ring Swivels

- 10x Heli/Chod Swivels

In either Size 8 or 11


Hook Link Material,

- You will also be supplied with a 20 Meter Spool of our Choddy Filament in your choice of 15lb, 25lb or 35lb Breaking Strain 


The Choddy filament not only allows you to make your Chod rigs to your preferred sizes but as its a 20 Meter spool, this means youll have plenty of material to make boom sections creating the also popular Stiff Hinge Rig.


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