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Chod Safety System

Chod Safety System

Chod Safety System or 'No Trace System' as it is more commonly known is an essential kit for those who utilise using leader materials when fishing Chod Rigs or Helicopter style set ups. This simple 3 piece system not only gives you the freedom to set distances on your leader to control the amount of movement a rig has but also increases fish safety should you get snagged up or snap from your mainline. 


The barrel bead acts as the buffer towards the end of your leader where you attach your lead, then the combination of the tapered sleeve & 'C' shaped no trace bead act as a stopper towards the top of your leader but should you come across complications the rig with subtle pressure will be able to push off the no trace bead a freely pass over the tapered sleeve allowing for the lead & leader to be discarded, reducing the risk on teathering a Carp.


The full system includes -

10x Barrel Beads

10x Tapered Sleeves

10x No Trace Beads


Already have the system? no problem, you can also buy refills of each individual part to the system to make sure your tackle box is topped up.


Available in Green or Brown 

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