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CE v2 Bobbins

CE v2 Bobbins

Bobbins, the essential accessory for bite indication.


Whilst our orignal CE Bobbin was widely favoured by many, we are happy to offer you our new 'v2' version, which comes with a few extras!


Each set comes as a full kit which includes:

- A highly durable injection moulded hockey stick.

- 9.5" ball chain, which if needs be can be made shorter to your preference.

- Main Slim body + a Dumpy body shell which is simple to add or remove to the system. They come in a choice of 4 colours, Red, Yellow, Green & Blue. The main slim body has a internal cavity for those who like to use isotopes for extra illumination.

- Two Way Adjustable head section, which can either be used as a running ball grip system or as a fixed stow style bobbin, depedning on your fishing situation & what type of indication your looking to obtain.

- Additonal screw on weight, perfect for those fishing against heavy tows to help prevent against false indications.


Can be purchased individually or in sets of 2 or 3, in your preferred colours, either all the same or mixed.

    PriceFrom £4.50
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