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Buoyant Fake Maggots

Buoyant Fake Maggots

Adding that natural touch,


The use of maggots in Carp fishing is a well known method, from using live & castors in with your mixes to feed spots or adding a few wrigglers to your rig presentation for a "Medusa" style finish


These imitation maggots allow you to add a natural looking element to your rigs, be it topping bottom baits, wafters, pop ups & even zigs. Whilst the various colours can add to the visual allure of your hook bait, their subtle level of buoyancy can add or help maintain the balance of your presentation 


Available in 4 colours, 


White (Niteglow)



Supplied in packs of 10, 20 or 50

    PriceFrom £0.65
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