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Blow Out Tube

Blow Out Tube

Do you like to fish a Blow Back or Blow Out style rig?

Then our Blow Out Tubing is for you!


Using a piece of the tube on your rig & trapping the hair provides multiple benefits to your presentation  


The alignment style helps turn the hook point down primed to catch hold, then with the blow back element allows for great bait separation making it harder for the Carp to eject.


The movement the tube has on your hook also acts as a great source of indication. If your getting a lot of liners, finicky & aborted takes. When you reel in, depending on how much that tube has 'blown back' is a great way to read the situation in front of you. If you notice only a little movement you could be facing smaller nuisance fish, where as a greater amount of movement is a stronger indication of Carp. This is vital information to an angler allowing them to correctly make any necessary changes, like changing a hook pattern/size or hook bait. 


A small piece of blow out tube can also be used as an alternative to the coventional hook bead. With a slightly tighter grip on the shank of the hook, there is less chance of movement when casting at very long distances.


Our Blow Out Tube is available in 3 colours, Trans Green, Trans Brown or Black. These colours help add to the rigs concealment as well as matching well with our Kickers & Aligners.


They come supplied in 1 metre lengths allowing you cut pieces to your desired sizes for your rigs.


Suitable for hook sizes from 2-8

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