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Chod & Boom

Chod & Boom

Our super stiff Chod & Boom Hook Link is greatly applied with its traditional uses in Chod Rigs


But as the name suggests, its also a superb alternative for Boom sections for Hinge, Ronnie & Combi Rigs. It’s high rigidity lends itself well to not only to the strength it gives to your presentation but also improves its reset ability should your rig get spat out or moved by a Carp.

To add to it’s versitility, it doesnt require any steaming to shape or straighten!


It's available in three breaking strains,

15lb - 0.45mm

25lb - 0.5mm

35lb - 0.6mm


Due to their diameter & stiffness the Chod & Boom materials are suitable to be crimped for even neater & stronger presentations.

Use 0.5mm Crimps with the 15lb & 0.6mm with both the 25lb & 35lb breaking strains


Supplied in 20m Spools

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